She is my first Victor.

Her TemplateEdit

Name: Alanna Tewie

District: 4

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Weapons: Trident and net

Strengths: Swimming and capturing people in nets

Weaknesses: Careers

Apperence: She has light skin light blond long hair, blue eyes and is about 4.10 and is described as BEAUTIFUL

Allies: None

Her PlacingsEdit


  1. Alanna Tewie is my first victor

Runner UpEdit


Top 5Edit


Top 10Edit

  1. Alanna (Placed 8th)

Top 20Edit

  1. Alanna Tewie (Placed 18th)
  2. Alanna Tewie (Placed 18th

Top 24Edit


Top 50Edit

  1. Alanna Tewie (Placed 37th)


Trevor Tewie-Brother

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