District 5 female.

Her TemplateEdit

Name: Allie Costigan

District: 5

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Personality: Nice, sweet, crazy, and wild.

Height: 4.7

Appearance: (no photos, but i will make Lunaii), Blond blue eyes and skinny

Weapon: Knife

Strengths: (besides weapon) Fast, hot

Weaknesses: Climbing, not stong

Fears: Bugs and fire

Interview Angle: be HOT!!!

Bloodbath Strategy: Hide and then grab a weapon when nobody sees you

Token: Her moms old photo

Her PlacingsEdit


  1. Allie Costigan

Runner UpEdit

  1. Allie (Placed 2nd)

Top 5Edit


Top 10Edit

  1. Allie (Placed 10th)

Top 20Edit

Allie (Placed 15th)

Top 24Edit


Top 50Edit


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