Her TemplateEdit

Name: Coco Joansi

Age:(12-18) 14

Appearance/Physical Description: She has dark skin and dark hair and is preety she has blue eyes

District: 8

Personality: She's nice but doesnt take risks

Strenghts:(Atleast 2) Fast, Smart

Weaknesses:(Atleast 3) Weak, Climbing, Not adventerous

Interview clothes: A nice dress but is made of different textures and colors (Like a quilt dress)

Tribute Parade costume:(Decide with whoever is in your Tributes District) A preety cheeta dress

Her PlacingsEdit


  1. Coco Joansi

Runner UpEdit


Top 5Edit


Top 10Edit


Top 20Edit

  1. Coco (Placed 20th)
  2. Coco (Placed 19th)
  3. Coco (Placed 19th)

Top 24Edit

  1. Coco (Placed 21st)

Top 50Edit


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