These are my placings of all the games I've done.


My VictorsEdit

  1. Alanna Tewie is My First Victor
  2. Mondi Bakerman 2nd Victor
  3. Kachang Mindi 3rd Victor
  4. Coco Joansi 4th Victor
  5. Allie Costigan 5th Victor

Runner UpsEdit

  1. Nick Lovizio
  2. Nick Lovizio
  3. Allie Costigan


  1. Nick Lovizio
  2. Mondi Bakerman
  3. Jane Socha


  1. Nick Lovizio (Placed 4th)

My Top 5Edit

  1. Jane Socha (Placed 5th)
  2. Jako Monkor (Placed 5th)
  3. Jane Socha (Placed 5th)

Top 7Edit

  1. Nick Lovizio (Placed 7th)
  2. Kacey Lonta (Placed 6th)
  3. Ben Witover (Placed 7th)
  4. Alanna Tewie (Placed 7th)

Top 8Edit

  1. Mondi Bakerman
  2. Jako Monkor
  3. Jabin Volts
  4. Nick Lovizio
  5. Nick Lovizio

My Top 10Edit

  1. Nick Lovizio (Placed 10th)
  2. Kacey Lonta (Placed 10th)
  3. Jako Monkor (Placed 9th)
  4. Nick Lovizio (Placed 10th)
  5. Nick Lovizio (Placed 10th)
  6. Allie Costigan (Placed 10th)

My Top 14Edit

  1. Nick Lovizio (Placed 12th)
  2. Jane Socha (Placed 11th)
  3. Trevor Tewie (Placed 12th)
  4. Jako Monkor (Placed 11th)
  5. Nick Lovizio (Placed 14th)
  6. Joe Croon (Placed 13th)
  7. Jessoka Croon (Placed 12th)
  8. Nick Lovizio (Placed 12th)

My Top 17Edit

  1. Jane Socha (Placed 17th)
  2. Allie Costigan (Placed 15th)
  3. Ben Witover (Placed 17th)
  4. Jabin Volts (Placed 15th)
  5. Allie Costigan (Placed 15th)
  6. Mondi Bakerman (Placed 15th)

My Top 20Edit

  1. Nick Lovizio (Placed 19th)
  2. Coco Joansi (Placed 20th)
  3. Alanna Tewie (Placed 18th)
  4. Alanna Tewie (Placed 18th)
  5. Nick Kobarg (Placed 19th)
  6. Mondi Bakerman (Placed 18th)
  7. Nick Kobarg (Placed 18th)
  8. Coco Joansi (Placed 19th)
  9. Coco Joansi (Placed 19th)

My Top 22Edit

  1. Jane Socha (Placed 22nd)
  2. Coco Joansi (Placed 21st)
  3. Nick Kobarg (Placed 22nd)
  4. Kachang Mindi (Placed 21st)
  5. Coco Joansi (Placed 21st)
  6. Nick Kobarg (Placed 22nd)
  7. Nick Kobarg (Placed 22nd)

My Top 24Edit

  1. Jane Socha (Placed 23rd)
  2. Ben Witover (Placed 24th)
  3. Trevor Tewie (Placed 24th)
  4. Ben Witover (Placed 24th)
  5. Trevor Tewie (Placed 24th)

Top 30Edit

  1. Jane Socha (Placed 25th)
  2. Kachang Mindi (Placed 29th)
  3. Jabin Volts (Placed 28th)

Top 37Edit

  1. Trevor Tewie (Placed 34th)
  2. Alanna Tewie (Placed 37th)
  3. Nick Kobarg (Placed 37th)

My Top 50Edit

  1. Nick Kobarg (Placed 38th)
  2. Ben Witover (Placed 45th)
  3. Nick Lovizio (Placed 39th)

My Top 100Edit


My Top 200Edit

  1. Mondi Bakerman (Placed 132nd)