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His TemplateEdit

Name: Nick Lovizio

District: District 12

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Weapon: Bow and arrow and knives

Strength: Hiding and fast (VERY fast)

Weaknesses: small

Appearence: Tan, Small, Skinny, Big arms

Personality: Very nice but very aggressive and has good stategys

Backstory: Comes from a poor family that has to hunt to get there food but his older brother (Age: 15) hunts and taught him how to hunt and they hunt together for there sick older brother/guardian (Age: 23) and themselves

Private session: He shoots a bow and arrow in the air but then throws a knife at it and cuts it in half for the rest of the training he keeps throwing knifes and shooting bows and arrows and he gets them in the center all of the time

Strategy for bloodbath/game: Grabs a bow and arrow and 2 backpacks then runs in the woods far far away about a mile away from a lake and hides in a small SMALL cave.

Token: His dead dads old district 12 pin

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Runner UpEdit

  1. Nick Lovizio
  2. Nick Lovizio

My Top 5Edit

  1. Nick Lovizio (Placed 4th)
  2. Nick Lovizio (Placed 3rd)

My Top 10Edit

  1. Nick (Placed 7th)
  2. Nick (Placed 10th)
  3. Nick (Placed 8th)
  4. Nick (Placed 10th)
  5. Nick (Placed 8th)

My Top 20Edit

  1. Nick (Placed 19th)
  2. Nick (Placed 20th)
  3. Nick Placed 14th)
  4. Nick (Placed 12th)

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My Top 50Edit

  1. Nick Lovizio (Placed 39th)